Investigate and Survey of CCCG · Emperor Garden Project in Suzhou by Sun Guoqiang

Date:Jul 21,2016

On Apr. 20, CCCG REAL ESTATE GROUP CO., LTD. Chairman and General Manager Sun Guoqiang, director and Vice-general Manager Wu Wende, etc. carried out inspection and guided for CCCG · Emperor Garden project in Suzhou of China National Real Estate Development Group Corporation with field visit of project sales office and construction site.




Sun Guoqiang acknowledged achievements concerning project construction and sales made by Suzhou project management team, especially realization of delivery of fine decorated apartment 9 months in advance, realized of RMB 0.7 billion of sales volume on the date of opening for the first time in 2016 which powerfully supported performance of listed company. He emphasized that project team should firstly speed up construction of Emperor Garden and Jing Garden projects (project promotion name of 35# plot) and increase rate of capital turnover and development efficiency and work hard for providing shareholders with high return; secondly strengthen summary of project experience, continue to elevate project value and CCCG brand influence, make use of good reputation and brand advantage to vigorously develop Suzhou market and radiate surrounding regions; and thirdly find correct market rhythm with no blind land purchasing based on high price, make sure successful operating of each project. Finally he pointed out that after deep integration, CCCG REAL ESTATE GROUP CO., LTD. would increase support strength for class A project, walk the road of marketability operation, and he hoped the project team with firmed development confidence and insisted philosophy of CCCG REAL ESTATE GROUP CO., LTD. and considered a matter based on large view, great setup and great tolerance, Suzhou company leading group and all employees should exert the utmost effort, seize the opportunity and achieve better results, complete project management work as well as improve employee’s living standard and income level.

Accompanied by the principal of Department of Strategic Development of CCCG REAL ESTATE GROUP CO., LTD., investigated and surveyed was done.


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