Feng Yu, Zhao Hongmeet the Chairman of Concremat, Mauro Filho

Date:Jan 19,2017

17th January, the Chairman of Concremat, Mauro Filho visited our company. Chairman of CCCC South America Chang Yunbo and CEO of CCCC South America Lin Li accompanied with the guests. Zhao Hong, Feng Yu and Huang Luning meet the guests.

Zhao Hong, the Vice President of CORE, has noted that CORE was established in Singapore in 2015 by CCCG and has already been successfully participated in real estate development in several places around the global. The company’s objective is become the largest international real estate corporation in China, and Brazil is one of the major target markets to enter.

“ Started from a small company to one of the best engineering consulting company in Brazil, Concremat has accumulated plenty of local real estate development and operation experiences. Concremat hope to maintain a good relationship with CORE and explore the future together to achieve a win-win situation for both company.” said Mr. Mauro Filho.

Chang Yunbo commented that two sides should strengthen information sharing and exchange of experiences in order to work together towards a common development.

Concremat has established on 1952, under the lead of Mr. Mauro Viegas Concremat has grown into a multidisciplinary organisation which offering a broad range of professional services, including Planning, consuilting, design, management, construction and environmental and social impact assessment.


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